Opportunities to rebuild your auto credit at CardinaleWay Volkswagen

Life is tough, tough times happen and we understand. You may fear going to a dealership and running your credit because of the potential outcome of not getting the vehicle you just got excited about or you might fear about getting stuck with a payment that is too high. Again, we understand.

You may have already been through it, or you may know someone who has gone through it.
You go to the dealership, sit and wait for a response from your sales person only to be let down and disappointed.
It suck's but the reasons of that happening are a little obvious to those who do know what they are doing.
You were dealing with the wrong people.

We are here for YOU at CardinaleWay Volkswagen

Dealing with the right people is all you need to do. Simple right?
There is a reason why we not only do business with our local customers, but we have customers making an hour drive or more to get our help.
We make things happen.

We have actual managers, not just the sales person you took a test drive working for you.
Our managers have all the finance experience to help you get the right approval.

We can't tell you the magic formula here, but give us a call and take a chance with us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I had my car repossessed, does that mean I ruined my chance for a another car loan?
Answer: Nope - that doesn't disqualify you for an auto loan.

Question: I declared bankruptcy in the past and it really hurt my credit can I still get an auto loan?
Answer: There are bank programs just for this reason. Remember, you are not the only one who as gone through this.

Question: I was told I need a big down payment and I don't have it, is that a problem?
Answer: With a vehicle supply like ours, don't worry. We have incentives to help and remember, we've successfully handled this same scenario with previous customers.

Let us help, Give us a call and make your appointment with us!