Cardinale Volkswagen Presents Tips To Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

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You’ve probably heard the old adage “Never judge a book by its cover.”  When it comes to cars, however, the exterior of a vehicle is what makes a lasting first impression.  That’s why it’s so critical to preserve your vehicle’s paint job, especially if you anticipate a future resale.  Cardinale Volkswagen in Salinas, located at the Salinas Auto Mall, offers these tips for keeping your vehicle’s paint job looking like new.

Vehicle Paint Technology: Better Now Than Ever

Over the years, technology from the paint formula to application of paint on vehicles has improved dramatically.  Nevertheless, you should probably still wax your car on occasion to keep up its appearance.  Wax is important because it not only prevents rusting, but it also provides a coating on your vehicle to help repel things like bugs, grease or oil, bird droppings and road salt.

Why Paste Wax Is Best For Waxing Your Vehicle

For starters, paste wax is actually easier to apply than liquids.  Sure, you can run your vehicle through the automatic car wash and pay extra for the spray wax application — but it won’t last long.  Paste wax recommended by Consumer Reports include Turtle, Mothers and Meguiars.  Paste wax should be applied evenly only to the paint job, not the bumper or any other plastic or rubber surfaces.  For best buffing results, use microfiber towels.  You’ll be pleased with how shiny your vehicle looks with paste wax and a little bit of elbow grease.  It’s longer lasting, too.

Cardinale Volkswagen Has A Lot Full Of Shiny Vehicles

Come to Cardinale Volkswagen and see how shiny our vehicles are — just waiting for you to drive off the lot in one.  Ask our friendly Sales team about our Volkswagen specials or test drive a 2017 VW Beetle or 2017 VW Jetta.  Discover why Volkswagen is the #1 ranked automaker in the world.


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